Does Your Axe Hang Low? Does it Waggle to and fro?: Guide to Guitar Straps 2021

Posted by Paul Cammaert on

Guitar straps are an important - and often overlooked - part of your equipment. Whether it’s playing a show, rehearsals, or online meetings, a great strap will accessorize your instrument while also providing comfortable support and allowing you to focus on playing your best. In this article, I will discuss the several considerations worth taking into account when shopping for the perfect strap.

1. Materials 

Straps come in a wide variety of materials, the most popular being leather, nylon, suede and canvas weaves. They can be adorned with studs, buckles and jewels. However, watch out for anything that might scratch your axe (unless you’re into that “road worn” look)! Our line of RightOn! Straps includes many completely vegan options, where no animal byproducts are used. Even their leather straps are dyed using ecologically sensitive processes and vegetable based dyes.

2. Length & Width 

Most guitar straps are adjustable from 40-60 inches (about 100-150cm in Canadian measurements), and they range from 1-3 inches wide. They usually adjust via a slide adjuster, but our RightOn! Straps have a unique system that hides the strap to give a clean look. Generally speaking, the wider the strap, the better it will disperse weight, so if you play a heavier instrument (or get a sore back) look for a good wide size! Letting the instrument hang too low (like, to the ground.... lookin at you, metal heads!) is generally a bad idea. It may look super cool, but hyperextension of the wrist can lead to all sorts of injuries and long-term damage. The best length for the strap is one that places the neck comfortably in your fretting hand, and the best width is generally as wide as you find comfortable. For most players, that is 2 inches.

3. Designs 

Got a style in mind? From classic to modern, bold to understated, simple to complex, Crossroads Music Emporium has a strap for you. Perhaps you’d like to pay tribute to one of the great guitarists like David Gilmour or Duane Allman, or the musicians at Woodstock like Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. Crossroads Music Emporium can help you accessorize your look.

4. Going Vegan

Yes, this is now an option! The Mojo Series by RightOn! Straps are made free of any animal parts or byproducts. With a microfiber lining and a high-density latex padding, they are made with vegetable based dyes. You can look good AND feel good with these straps. With tons of models to choose from, you are sure to find a guitar strap that speaks to you.

5. Strap Locks & Accessories 

If your style is wild, and you giv’r fully when performing, you may want to consider investing in strap locks. They attach your strap more firmly to the instrument, with a locking pin system so that the strap cannot slip off the post and let your instrument hit the floor! We carry strap locks, and we also carry Lock-it brand straps, with a built in locking system. 

If you’re an acoustic player, then consider a neck fastener or end pin jack adaptor for your strap. Many acoustic players will mount a strap button on the heel of their guitar neck to help the guitar sit properly, but this involves the risk of damaging the guitar, and will also hurt resale value of high value acoustics, even if done perfectly. The other popular method is to tie the strap to the headstock of the guitar near the nut, under the strings. This can be done with string or cord, or we carry a leather version if you prefer. Another consideration is attaching the strap to an acoustic with an end pin jack. RightOn! makes a clever accessory for that, as well.

As you can see, there are strap options for every player and all occasions. At Crossroads Music Emporium, we offer a great selection of straps that take your technical considerations seriously while also allowing you to showcase your own unique style and personality. Check out our selection today!

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