Dunlop JD224 Brass Slide - Heavy Wall Thickness - Large

Dunlop JD224 Brass Slide - Heavy Wall Thickness, Large

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The Dunlop 224 is another excellent brass slide from Dunlop and is part of a family of slides that have been chosen for years for their bright resonant tone and comfortable weight. Today, Dunlop slides are still the most popular slide. This heavy wall, brass slide is 22mm x 29mm x 60mm and fits ring size 13. If you're getting serious with your guitar playing and are looking to add another trick to your arsenal, then a pocket-sized slide is what you need. For serious sliding with your size 13 finger, take home the Dunlop 224. Specs:
  • 22mm x 29mm x 60mm
  • Comfortable Weight
  • Bright, Resonant Tone
  • Fits Ring Size 13