Can you fix my guitar?

Usually. Some repairs can become complex and time-consuming, which means the cost of the repair can easily exceed the value of the instrument.

Does Crossroads deal in second hand instruments and equipment?

Yes! We will happily consign your gear for reasonable rates (link to rates policy). We will also sometimes buy things outright, but only if it's a great deal so we can make a profit reselling it! Please call or schedule an appointment to discuss things in detail.

(Sidebar re consignments... the form I sent has I believe incorrect rates. I have settled on the following: $25 on the first $100, 25% on the first $1000, 20% above that.)

Can you help me valuate a vintage/rare guitar or instrument?

Yes! We can help you put a date and a value on just about anything guitar or amp related, and can find experts to help with anything we don’t know on the spot. We can also help you find a luthier or repair person for delicate jobs. 

Can you help me set my computer up for recording?

Yes! We can install drivers and optimize computer systems for recording. We also carry a quality selection of audio interfaces, microphones and accessories for home recordists/podcasters.

Can you transfer my old audio recording to a digital format?

Yes! We can transfer, edit, and clean up old recordings on cassette (or vinyl), or almost anything else if you can supply the player. Contact us with any specific requests.

Can you restring my guitar?

Yes! Contact us for an appointment, and we can do it on the spot, or drop it off and pick it up by arrangement.

Can you fix my amp?

Maybe. Tube amps are much simpler to repair, so we can repair those. For anything solid state, we recommend seeking out a specialist in electronic repairs. Call if you'd like a recommendation. 

Will you deliver to me locally?

Yes! We will deliver within city limits for a $5 fee (free over $50!), and will deliver outside the city limits by arrangement for an extra fee based on distance.

Do you have my gauge of strings in stock?

Maybe. We strive to provide a wide selection, but can't carry everything. We can order in custom gauges and sets easily. We can also order in strings for almost any instrument (but we're guitarists, so probably don't know much about them), and also custom gauged sets, so please don't hesitate to call if you're looking for something specific!

Can you wire my pedalboard (custom)?

Yes! We carry CIOKS advanced power systems, and can custom make cables and looms for your rig - large or small!